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Capria Lore

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 18, 2017, 11:25 PM

Capria is one of the 3 largest continents of Griffia and it is inhabited by magical beings who focus on elemental power and the use of eather. In the beginning, there was only Princess Fauntina, her Perfaunts society, King Caprisikorn and his two daughters. They lived together peacefully for centuries until the great war wiped out the entire Perfaunt species, leaving both King Caprisikorn and Princess Fauntina in a state of loneliness and depression. Through magic and celestial power, both monarchs were able to find the ability to create living beings and together they breathed life back into Capria by creating the Anubias and resurrecting the Perfaunt species.

During this time of recreation, the Guardians made their way from Earth to the world of Griffia with permission from the celestial being Nom Nom. They sought out to find a place they could call home and were drawn to the Capria because of its abundance of eather and similar landscape to Earth. Princess Fauntina agreed to let them stay in exchange for the protection of herself and her eather fountains. As the Guardians sought to regain their territories, they found a new reliance with the species that had lived there before them and these creatures helped them settle into their new home.


October 19th - Queen of the blanchness

Desdemona, the sister of the great witch, Agatha, is the Cetus Queen. She has always lived in the shadow of her older sister. Always expected to be a magical protegee just like Agatha, Desdemona, unfortunately, had no magical talent whatsoever. What she lacked in talent, she made up for in beauty--but this was never enough for her. She had always craved attention, admiration and--above all else--power. Desdemona's moment came the day after hearing the news that the Team of Capricorns sent to purify the black eather spreading over Blanchness Reach had failed their mission. The abyssal crack located in the far north of Capria was widening, and the rift threatened to impact the oceans of all of Capria. The Capricorns were unable to dive deep enough to reach the rift, so Caprisikorn, the ruler of the Casters, had no choice but to ask the Aquarius for aid. Being one of the few Caster species to live underwater, the Aquarius' deep sea expertise would help them to succeed where the Capricorn could not. Desdemona knew, as an Aquarius herself, this was her chance to feel superior to her sister and gain recognition as a savior of Capria. She eagerly joined the first team of Aquarius sent out to investigate the rift. 

When the first team failed to return, however, a second team was sent out to investigate the whereabouts of their fellow Aquarius. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by Desdemona. The second Aquarius team thought something seemed off with her demeanor, and certainly her appearance, which was now somewhat ghoulish. The darkness of the depths seemed to make her features look twisted. Still, the team pushed their concerns aside as she beckoned them closer to the rift in order to show them where the black eather was spawned from, and where the first team had been lost. Oblivious to her ruse, they ventured closer. The rift opened into a stretch of cavernous and seemingly unstable rock formations that nearly gave the appearance of ancient ruins. Once the Aquarius had entered the cavern, they were horrified to see the severity of the the black eather: long, stringy black slime dripped from the cave deposits, connecting to each other like spider webs. To the team's horror...they found themselves unable to pull away. The eather seemed to summon them, and they could not deny their desire to get closer to it.

Desdemona began to guide the team to a pit filled with black eather in the center of the cavern. In a wondrous stupor, they did not notice the malice in her gaze as they approached the pit. She spoke of the power of the black eather, and how purifying the black tar would be a mistake. The team knew there was something misleading about her words, but it was too late. Terrifying Casters emerged from the shadows and dragged the team into porous walls of black eather, forcing the corruption upon them. Desdemona watched eagerly as each Aquarius emerged from the pool with horrific transmutations, looking deranged--as if the material had infected their minds. 

Although the black eather has contaminated their morals, those affected still retain their intelligence, making them more dangerous than mindless monstrosities. Desdemona turned the Aquarius teams into what are now called Cetus, appointed herself as supreme leader, and demanded they fight for her in the goal of expanding their kind. She wished to rule over all of Capria, tainting it with the black eather with which she herself had been corrupted. After the first and second Aquarius team went missing, Caprisikorn himself went to investigate the rift. To his horror, he discovered she had been kidnapping Casters and converting them, turning their once lawful minds dark by the unholy power of the black eather to become a part of Desdemona's ever growing army of corrupt Cetus.  

October 14th - Desdemona Has been introduced

NPC Desdemona by TheAnubianEmpire Desdemona is the malevolent ruler of the Cetus who lurk deep in the black eather contaminated rift of northern Capria. All her life she has sought power and recognition but was short handed after discovering she had no innate magical ability. She is the younger sister to the renowned witch Agatha who eternally lives in her sibling's shadow of success and prosperity. Although her beauty was far more superior than her sisters, she was unable to compete with Agatha's many achievements. She slowly broke mentally from being constantly reputed as inferior but after her mind become deranged by the black eather, she sought revenge on the world that mocked her. Desdemona yearns to command the continent of Capria, she has spent years forcibly contaminating castors and forming powerful armies to unleash devastating attacks to the Caprian capitols and Anubian hierarchy. She believes a betrothal to creator god, King Caprisikorn, will cement her role as queen and she can then move to conquering Griffia.

September 15th - Anubias Pixi types have been released 

Pixi Type Guide by Sindonic

August 29th - Mephesto has been introduced

NPC - Mephesto by TheAnubianEmpireMephesto is the head of the Lixor Observatory's library and aid to the Horoscope Trial. His understanding of Capria's history and creation are unparalleled, leaving him as the go-to guide for young Casters looking to find themselves.

July 29th - Anubias Caster types have been released

Apus: can be identified by their long perky ears, small unihorn on the forehead and two ossicones on the top of the head.
AC - 119 Tropical Flowers by TheAnubianEmpire

Aquarius: can be identified by their fin ears and long unihorn. Fins may also be located on the lower body.
AC- 064 Star Dust by TheAnubianEmpire

Capricorn : can be identified by their lop ears and long unihorn.
AC- 077 Mortar and Brick by TheAnubianEmpire

Cetus: can be identified by their fin ears, webbed toes and double unihorns. Fins may also be located on the lower body.
AC- 097 Pond Scum by TheAnubianEmpire

Hybrids: can be identified by their mixture of ear, toe and horn traits. Horn mutations do not count as hybrid.
AC- 007 Pacifica Nautica by TheAnubianEmpire

Ophiuchus: can be identified by their long deer like ears, and two horns on the top of the head.
AC- 095 Black Hole Sun by TheAnubianEmpire

Orion: can be identified by their furry perky ears, unihorn on the forehead and two pronged horns or antlers on the top of the head.
AC- 069 Moon Pisces by TheAnubianEmpire

: can be identified by their cow like ears, small unihorn on the forehead and two longer horns on the top/sides of the head.
AC - 123 Morganite by TheAnubianEmpire

July 21st - King Caprisikorn has been introduced

NPC - King Caprisikorn by TheAnubianEmpireThis is King Caprisikorn, the creator deity who is responsible for creating Anubias Pixi and Casters. He has lived for centuries with his two daughters and the Perfaunts in Capria until the great war wiped out the entire Perfaunt species. After receiving some guidance from Cosminomicon, he was urged to breath life into Capria and create beings in his own image known as the Anubias.

July 19th - Ealegs have been introduced

Ealegs - OPEN SPECIES - CAPRIA by Sindonic
Ealegs are vermin on fishing holes and farms all over Capria. They eat everything they can get their hands on but mostly your valuables. Unfortunately, tourist who have 'adopted' these pest with out further knowledge have unleashed them onto Fluffia and Beania lands.

July 15th - Caprian City Descriptions have been released

Blanchness | Nauticana | Parfumez 

Atlantis |  Birchvick | ChimeriaHighland | Lixor Racka Pau | Stonefyord 

July 7th - Caprians habitable map has been released

Caprian habitable zone map / Town map by Sindonic Caprian Map with Land Names by Sindonic 

June 18th - Kent has been introduced

NPC- Kent by TheAnubianEmpire Kent has made many items found in Griffia including his most brilliant invention, eather that has been converted into capsules called Mana. He lives the the scientist Bert and together, they've made incredible discoveries and shared their scientific theories with scholars all over Griffia.

June 18th - Eather lore has been released

Eather is the magical 5th element of Griffia. It causes strange symptoms of magical polarity and elementalism, and also flows with the consistency of magma. During the war, much of the eather on Capria became corrupted, and sank down into the depths of the northern half of the continent.; The exact nature of the substance is still unknown.

June 17th - Princess Fauntina has been introduced

NPC Perfaunt - Princess Fauntina by griffsnuff Princess Fauntina is ruler of the Perfaunts who once solely inhabited Capria. The great war had wiped out her entire species in a devastating battle which left her cold, spiteful and depressed. She later discovered that with her magical abilities, she can expel the love in her heart to create new Perfaunts and resurrect the species.

June 10th - Bisque has been introduced

NPC- Bisque by TheAnubianEmpire Bisque is a hardy angler who runs the Fishing Trials. She traveled the oceans of Griffia for many years until settling on the west coast of Capria in a beach front town to open her own boat & bait shop. Bisque rents equipment to those who are preparing for their first catch!

June 7th - Ruff has been introduced

G1- 026 Great Barrier Reef - Starter by TheAnubianEmpireRuff is joyous and sociable Guardian who loves to sing-song and make new friends. He is one of the friendliest folk anyone could meet when visiting Capria, he may not be the smartest or or most attentive Guardian out there but his innocence is charming. 

June 7th - Guardian Lore has been released

Guardian Lore

Guardian Basic Anatomy

Guardian Types Standard

Guardian Types Perfect

Guardian Life Cycle and Social Structure

Guardian Breeding, Sprites and Shades

Guardian Taken List

Guardian Height Chart 2.0 by Sindonic   Guardians Anatomy Guide by Sindonic  Guardians Skin Rarity (tenative release pls read) by Sindonic  Sneaky Peaky Weaky- Guardian Breath Samples by Sindonic  Sneaky Peaky Weaky- RARE breath samples by Sindonic

May 27th - Tess has been introduced

A2 C - Tess - Starter by TheAnubianEmpireTess is an explorer and can be found almost anywhere on Capria. She loves flying over all other activities, but unfortunately isn't very good at it. She gets herself into trouble often, but always manages to make it out again and onto the next adventure!

May 25th - Bay has been introduced

NPC- Bay by TheAnubianEmpireBay is an optimistic and free spirited Capricorn who lives in Nauticana. She is very popular amongst others because she is so kind and friendly. In her free time, Bay makes handmade hairpieces to give out to the townsfolk and tourist just to make someone's day a little brighter.

April 13th - Agatha has been introduced

NPC- Agatha Prim by TheAnubianEmpireAgatha Prim is one of the oldest known Casters next to Caprisikorn. She is a famous witch who lives high in the mountains of Capria, preforming her magical craft and has started a sort of initiation to help young casters get going on their magical path. 


Nov 13th- Januart 1st Orivember Festival is celebrated!

Orivember, also known as the Orion Festival, is a magical fall festival celebrated by the Anubias that runs from November to January. Caprisikorn created the Casters in his image after the Guardian God Sahasara explained to him the idea of constellations and the "magical" effects they had on humans. Orions were devised in mid fall to celebrate the earth constellation Orion moving into view. Unable to see Orion himself, Caprisikorn delved deep into the ideas of huntsman culture and druidism. Once satisfied with his knowledge, he expelled the magic from himself creating the first Orion Casters. They took to the forest of Birchvick and began to celebrate their birth with a large festival revolving around harvests and stargazing.

April 17th - Capri has officially been introduced

A2 B - Capi - Starter by TheAnubianEmpireCapi is often found running around with Rise in Nauticana. He is bossy at heart, but also a bit of a coward. The phrase "all bark and no bite" describes him perfectly. He's loves to flaunt the tough guy act, but also believes he's very cute.

April 3rd - Rise has officially been introduced

A2 A - Rise - Starter by TheAnubianEmpire Rise was the very first Anubias pixi to be made by Caprisikorn. Rise is often found running around with Capi in Nauticana, one of the main cities of Capria. He is a playfully spastic Pixi who is overly affectionate and loves everyone and everything. 


Journal Entry: Tue Oct 17, 2017, 7:12 PM

Oct 17

Heylo Guppies!
Auren here!! Just wanted to do a quick news update. We have now added/opened a Write to Adopt for the Centaur cetus to the Hollow's Eve Event!

AC 124 - Ink by TheAnubianEmpire

Click this link to see the rules and how to enter:

Oct 16

Hello Guppies!
Let's get the boring paperwork out of the way first. There have been some changes sorted out concerning Companions!
- All Companions that require a Tamer Item will now not only need the Tamer Item specific to their origin continent, but also the matching Portal Pass. This is all neatly explained in the CC Registration journal, > HERE < , for your reference!
- Companion Bonuses have also been made simpler across the board and are now all the same (questing bonuses remain unique to each species). Once a Companion has been Tamed and Registered to a DOM Griffian, they will earn that DOM Griffian +1 Pea for each art they are included in. And once that Companion completes their Starter Mission and gets their Mission Book, their Companion Bonus goes up to +5 Peas for each art they are included in!

One more bit of paperwork to squeeze in here, I have a note from one of our mods!
"I just wanted to inform all the members, that myself and Pickle will slowly but surely be going through the OLD ETOI journal for item usage. We are going to make sure that ALL item usage from the old ETOI is applied/registered to your Bagbeans/Mains masterlist. We will also make sure that all of your stats gained from items that offer stats boosts, will also be applied correctly in the stats journal. This process might take a little while as there are quite a few pages of the old ETOI to go through, so please be patient as your wait for your BBs/Mains to be updated. We are going to compile all of the information and then send it/have it applied. If you have any questions please feel free to message me! "
- crazzycat5

And with all of that out of the way, I'm sure you've noticed the Hollowbean events going up, but that's clearly not enough craziness, so we have released..... BEEDS AND SEADS!
Their charges are TBA (more info will likely be released when we release all the details for Time Pools + Time Gardens), but in the meantime get searching and collect those adorable little Chronopods!!
> Sead Scavenger Hunt < | > Beed Scavenger Hunt <

Thanks for reading! Now go enjoy the festivities! ^_^
- dd

Oct 08

Hello Sprouts!

Oh how our mods have worked hard these past few weeks and its finally time to open back up and let you all get started! We have several things for you to do and view, so please take a look at the following journals and even review some ones you've already read for updates.

First off, we know lots of you are eager to get item exchanges going again, so take a look at our new bank!

There are several new journals holding all the bank items, so please take a look at the journals section and just review them. If you don't see some items you thought you had or you have changed your name, please let us know in this journal: > Bank Error and Name Change Reporting <

Some items have been retired and changed, so if you have some of these items and want to swap them out, please head over to this journal! There is ONE WEEK left before you will no longer be able to swap out these old items. > Removed/Repurposed Item Redemption <

Currency Conversion's will now happen here: > Currency Conversion <

:star: We now have one GLOBAL EDITS TO OFFICIAL INFORMATION! :star:
Please check out this journal as this will be one of the most used of the new updates! > Global ETOI <
ALL item usages and transfers for Fluffia, Beania, and Capria will be held here. Each continent has their own section in this journal.

Peads, Seads, and Beeds are now classified as Chronopods. Chronopods and Griffia Smols transfers will occur in the Global ETOI.

CC Registration has a new journal: > CC Registrations/Unregistrations <

No longer will members post their trials on the Masterlist links themselves. The mods will approve your trials and post it on the Masterlist themselves.

Please check out these journals to see what you can do in each group!
> Fluffia Trial Approval Hub < > Beania Trial Approval Hub < > Capria Trial Approval Hub <


A lot of these trainings and classes are being reworked and new ones added in. Please do not use the old information to try and do the trainings and classes. New fresh journals will be made and posted upon completion. *Social training has not changed and can be done at anytime. > University of Griffia Approval Hub <


Q: What are Missions?
A: Missions are the SEC Griffian groups Starter Missions, and what they need to do to join activities/quests and use items.

Most Starter Missions will be held on Capria with the exception of the first - Starter Missions for each group.

> Beania's SEC Starter Mission <
NOTE! The Beania one is currently unavailable as Beania Creatures are being added to their own massive Masterlist. This will take quite some time and will be released at a later date. Please enjoy the other Missions in the mean time!

> Fluffia's SEC Starter Mission <

> Capria's SEC Starter Mission<

Here are some others currently available!
- > Kindness <
- > Coloration <
- > Mutation <

Questions have been hard to keep up with across multiple journals and item descriptions. So please ask questions on either of these three journals!
> Fluffia Q+A Hub <  > Beania Q+A Hub < > Capria Q+A Hub <

Thank you all for your patience and have fun <3
- Pickle + DD

Oct 04

Hello sprouts. We have been revisiting the master post and the whole group as an ARPG, and we have made some changes to make the game more fluid, easier to work with and ready for questing. This does mean some parts of the game, has gone through bigger changes than others. Anything that was approved and registered to the masterlist before we started maintenance, will stay. If you have gotten approval on something you have not registered, you can still get it registered by posting it in the new ETOI.

From here on out, all official approval, will be posted by the approval mod to the masterlist to keep an official record of all changes to each griffian.…

Some items also changed their purpous, or got switched out. You have until its no longer the 14th of october to do any changes to these Items. So be sure to check that out here:…

Here is a list of things we have changed , reworked and added new rules to.

- Pupils (there is going to be a new update with rules about pupils! stay tuned, it will include art examples, and if you are one of the members who has used items to get pipuls in the past, you will be able to get that item back if you post to an upcomming redemtion journal with proof, It will be added in later today!

- Magic
- Magic familiars (Some bonuses have changed/ Wording has changed)
- Skills (Base skills have been removed , There is a Cap of 100 per stats )
- Weapons (being re written)
- Training (will be finished after we open the group)
-  Comrades (formerly known as allies) have been removed.Fashion fishies, Foolees and terratraps are now semi mains. Gryphons, seaghosts and warrior shimis are now Companions. IF you have registered any of the formely comrades as allies, they will now become automatic companions and give you companion bonus.

- Allies can now only ally with one per species, still can not ally with same species. This only affects Mains and Semi mains

- Enlightened has an update.Gets all passives of all statuses, get all swirl+aura+skull forms, can do all paths of Training/Magic/Eather and get all weapons/tools , gives +2 magic familiars, gives +1 lucky critters, +1 eather beasts
- Titans has gotten reworked.
- Common bagbeans and Beanbeans will now have a passive and we have changed some passives to other beanotypes.

The biggest change happened in the passive systems. These are the terms:
- Passives = This affects that griffian, and can only shared if soulmated with.
- Ally bonus = Affects both allies upon completion of ally trial ( Changed so that ally now ensures it gives bonus to both)
- Questing bonus = Affects the Questing card holder, during quests. More info TBA

- Some of the beanostatuses were re worded to make more sense.
- Peads, Seads and Beeds are moved up to the Side kick category and their species name is now Chronopods.
- All other pets will be available via purchase at the petstore in fluffia. TBA

Please be sure to re read the entire Masterpost entries after we have re opened on the 8th of october, since there are changes still happening! I will update this news journals when we have completed all updates so its easy grab.

We also renamed time activities, giving the specific parts, specific names , so it is less confusing.

Time Activities ( the global name for everything under)
Caprian, Beanian, Fluffian Time Weekly Watering Activities
Caprian, Beanian, Fluffian Time Loot Activities (Monthly drops)
5 Time Activity Stages (Time Bean, Time Tree Sapling, Growing Time Tree, Mature Time Tree, Enchanted Time Tree | Time Drop, Time Puddle, Time Pond, Time Pool, Enchanted Time Pool | Time Capsule, Time Leaf/Sprout, Time Stem/Bud, Time Flower, Enchanted Time Flower)

Caprian, Beanian, Fluffian Harvesting Daily Activities (Farming , Fishing, and Gardening (Smol gathering))

We just felt like we should let you all know about some of the changes, before they get added! As with all game balancing patches, there will be some people affected in different ways, we hope that the changes can be enjoyable for everyone. And we continue to look forward to make this game enjoyable to all.

Sept 01

Pausing Edits to Information and Registration
Heylo Guppies!!

All Edits to information and registration will stop on Sunday! ( September 03 ) Sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but we will be working hard to get them back up ASAP! We are going to be working on updating the group with a ton of new things, and unfortunately, this means we have to pause for a bit.

Any guppie affected by the changes will receive the same items. Thank you guys for being awesome, and we hope to have things up and running again soon!

- <3 Auren

July 22th

Trail and Group Info Tear Down
Hello Guppies,

Sin here, I am currently in the process of making Fluffia, Griffia, and Capria less confusing. This means that the trials, passives, names, and rewards are changing again. I promise this will be the last time we are changing rewards as all 3 of us have agreed on the purpose of items. People who have completed things will be heavily rewarded for their loyalty to my group. Thank you for your patience with me. The direction of the group is now 100% clear all trials are planned and set in stone.


July 8th

Pixi Trial Constructions
Heylo Guppies,

We are rearranging some of the pixi trial set ups. We are making them more broad and open to allow for more people to participate in them. So expect some changes coming up soon, and for the pixi trials to be temporarily closed during this process.

If you have completed trials or in process of completing, this does not apply to you. We will keep you updated with how you can submit your trials that you've worked on/completed after we finish our updates.

June 7th

Master List Conversion and Guardian Influx
Hello Guppies, Sin here

We are currently in the process of merging our master lists and cannibalizing all of the old Guardians information into a new form. Thank you for your patience. Sinpedia will be permanently closed or re purposed.

May 17

Master list reopen, Gen 1 Pixi, and DTA
Hey everyone!

So we recently opened up registrations for Gen 1 Pixi!
You can finally register your Gen 1 Pixi and use them in events and trials.
Feel free to read up on the information here:…
If you have any questions on this, please let us know!

Also we are running a fast DTA so don't forget to enter!
A2 - 199 Shadow Spill -DTA- CLOSED by Sindonic

May 17

Masterlist Update/Charmed Trial Update/DTA Reminder
Sin here

The masterlist is still being re posted. Though we are in the ending phases. When it is reopened you will be able to properly post your Caster's trials. In other news, I will be completely revising the use of the anubias horn/ revising the award for the charmed trial for pixi to no longer include the horn as it is causing confusion due to the mutations we have and needs to be changed. It will be brought back at a later time with a new set of use or it may just be scrapped all together. So please be patient with me. That is all.

Also a friendly reminder that you have 3 days left to enter the DTA!

AC - 092 Mud Bath -DTA- CLOSED by Sindonic

May 14

Temp Masterlist Close!
Heya Everyone! 

Due to a small issue out masterlist will be closed for a few days!
We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience ! 

May 8

New Page Layout!
Heya Everyone!

First off, mind out dust!
We have a brand new front page we just put up, for those who don't follow our sister group GuardiansHuant we'll be closing that group and merging it with this one! Thats why there's an influx of sudden guardian in our waters, any art from the old group will have to be re added by you members and an followup announcement will be made when we are ready for submissions for those so we thank you for your patience!

In other news we have more exciting news, such as more upcoming raffles and trails for casters and a map for Capria! :D

April 22

Error Check
Hi sprouts!
We'd like to ask everyone to take a quick once over to all their owned kids and check to see if you find any errors such as incorrect owners and the like.  

April 16

AC - 092 Mud Bath -DTA- CLOSED by Sindonic
Carnival is here!
After a long wait the carnival is here! Go get some tickets and fun prizes for your Anubians. We have put a lot of work in so we hope you enjoy.
Carnival Link!

Please register here if your entering a pixi or a caster in a purple game:

Please be sure to use a carnival tracker here: Link! and check out our game here!

March 20

Passive types updated!
Quick update, Caster passives have now been updated! You can check it out here Passive Abilities for Caster Types !!

March 19

Masterlist updates!
With the announcement of the new caster guide and the two new species to the caster family, some changes on the masterlist were needed, and just recently finished doing so. Some casters now are classified as having mutations, and some have even discovered they are hybrids! Extremely exciting!  

We'd also like to announce the faq is getting an overhaul and we'd like some feedback on some questions you'd like to see answered, so give a comment if you have one. 

January 15

Exciting Things in the Works!
The mod team has been working hard to get new content written and posted! As you saw, the Caster and Pixi political status levels have been announced. We are also working on new trials for Casters, along with some new items.

Don't forget to enter the current prompt! The deadline is January 31st. Next month, the plan is to have one month-long prompt and then a mini-prompt with a 2-week deadline.

December 12

Orivember Prompt Closed
The Orivember prompt is over in 20 minutes! But Orivember isn't over! There is still a Pixi raffle coming, and the open DTA that expires on January 1st. Please enjoy the rest of your holiday! We will announce the winner soon!

Nov 12

This month is going to be Orivember. It is the time when all Anubias celebrate the Orion Festival. A fall festival that is held annually to celebrate the name sake of the Orion Caster line. This holiday celebrates the rise of the constellation Orion into earths view beginning in fall through winter. It is a magical holiday that stretches from late October to December. All Griffia residents are welcome to join these festivities when they are announced. Please be patient while we get this going as it is our first event!

Capria Q+A Hub

Wed Oct 4, 2017, 10:40 AM by Iindorm:iconiindorm:
Have a question you need an answer to? Can't exactly find an answer? Well, this is the journal for you! This is the hub where you can ask any Caprian-related questions and make suggestions for anything you want to see answered that isn't on any of the provided materials, such as the FAQ that gets a monthly update. 

Before asking a question...

Please check out the Caprian FAQ and the Griffian Masterposts before asking a question, as the question might already have an answer for you!

FAQ - Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I obtain a Caster, Pixi, Guardian, Sprite/Shade or Perfaunt?
How To Obtain a Caprian 
Everything you need can be found above.
What on my member of the Anubian Empires' design can I change?
For Casters, Pixi and Perfaunt, you can change hairstyle, accessories, scarring, and minor markings and color changes completely on your own. With a Star Root, you can give any mutation listed on the guide so long as you have the item. If you want to change your designs colors on more than a minor level, such as adding a different color that was on your design, you at least need a Dye Urchin
- Some art/item art is still missing, but we have included their descriptions.
- Item list with all items will be up as soon as it gets finished!
- We still need some time to go over all the groups and update old informaton/change out items with new bank! So please be patient! We will make an update as soon as the group is back up and running!
Table of Contents
In this journal you will find...
Basic Information
Basic Rule Changes | Basic Mod Information | Point Systems | Peas | Adventure Points (AP) | Elemental Points (EP)
Kindness Seeds (KS) | Donation Seeds (DS) | Prompt Items | Activity Rewards
- Some art/item art is still missing, but we have included their descriptions.
- We still need some time to go over all the groups and update old informaton/change out items with new bank! So please be patient! We will make an update as soon as the group is back up and running!
Table of Contents
In this journal you will find...
Activity Progression Chart | Time Activities | Seasonal Activities | Official Activities | Main Activities
Side Activities | Upgrade/Shop Activities | Community Activities | Quest Activities
Other Masterpost Journals...
- Some art/item art is still missing, but we have included their descriptions.
- We still need some time to go over all the groups and update old informaton/change out items with new bank! So please be patient! We will make an update as soon as the group is back up and running!
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Question Time!

Read over everything and still can't find an answer to your question? Well, ask here in this journal! 

When asking a question, please use this format:

Link to Journal/Artwork you have a question about:

Once you do that, post the comment and a mod will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer! 

Capria Trial Approval Hub

Sat Sep 23, 2017, 11:56 AM by aurenbunni:iconaurenbunni:
For organizational purposes please submit the images of your completed trials to the correct comment threads. Once they are approved, they will be added to your masterlist entry of your Griffian. In the case of choosing rewards, please post  what reward you want under your trial art.

A mod will reply to your trial application with either 'Approved' or 'Denied'. If Denied, the mod will also provide you with information on how to fix the trial for re-submission. 

Upon approval, the mod will then post the trial to your Griffian's masterlist entry and inform the banks of any relevant prizes.

Perfaunt Trial Approval:

Caster Trial Approval:

DOM Trial Approval:

SEC Trial Approval:

Art Commission Center

Thu Jul 20, 2017, 3:57 PM by ChibiTea:iconchibitea:

Rules for Art Commission Center

This journal is only if you are selling commissions, taking requests or having contests/raffles/giveaways that are Griffia related!

If you are looking to trade/sell your characters, here is the journal for that

The rules under are there to keep this journal and group from being a dumping ground for huge species/character clear outs. If the rules are not being followed your comment will be hidden.

Reason for no outside CS

Mana Bubble by Sindonic No begging or guilt tripping.
Mana Bubble by Sindonic This journal is ONLY for Caprians/main griffians and Griffia co creatures.
Mana Bubble by Sindonic Journals must include Caprians or, it will be removed/not added.
Terracotta Bubble by Sindonic If your journals contain anyting non griffia related, it will be removed/not added.
Terracotta Bubble by Sindonic All contests/requests/commissions need to be in a journal to be added here!
Terracotta Bubble by Sindonic Do not post unrelated characters/Species that do not belong in Griffia. This includes IN journals you link.
Terracotta Bubble by Sindonic You can offer money/points or items from Griffia as prizes or in contests or art of griffians.
Terracotta Bubble by Sindonic Make sure you make it very clear your only doing Griffians and co creatures from griffia!
Mana Bubble by Sindonic If your unsure what goes under GCC/griffian contact one of the mods.

Bubble Warm Purple by Sindonic Do not have conversations in the comments, lets keep it nice and tidy with active content only.
Bubble Warm Purple by Sindonic Reply to your original comment and tag ChibiTea once it is closed or no longer valid so that it can be hidden.  and removed from the journal!

Tropical Bubble by Sindonic Active contests/requests/commissions will be featured so that people can easily scroll through and see if something is open/active. So be sure to reply to your initial comment saying its closed so we know when to unfeature it and remove it from the journal!

How do I participate in this journal?

Reply to the comment that correspond with what you are doing underneath in one of the three titled areas. Once your contest/commission/Requests are closed, you need to reply to your original comment and tag ChibiTea  in it so we can remove it from this journal!

Mana Bubble by Sindonic Contests/raffles/Giveaways
Reply with your active contest/raffle/giveaway to this comment.

Mana Bubble by Sindonic Art Commissions
Reply with your active commission to this comment.
[OPEN] Bagbean Commissions!*Now accepting USD, Money Beans/ Peanut Money Beans and Points!
You can use all to get what you want.
Priority Payment: PayPal and Money Beans.
THIS INCLUDES AnubianEmpire and FluffleTales
Extra character: No more then +$10/+10MBs added to base price. Can be less.
~Full body, shade/ no shade - $15
~Full body, Painted shade - $25

~Pixel icon, Simple Animated or Static - $5
~Clean Colored Sketch, Fullbody/bust/etc - $5-10

~Human versions: (Can be full body.) - Price Range: $20-$40

~Simple Animations: (FireAlpaca) - Price Depends on difficulty  (Estimated Range: $20-50 or so)
 (Click for animation.)

Griffa creature art commissions PWYWHello people of the bagbean community x3 i am looking to offer some images of your griffa creatures in exchange for what you have to offer;
What this means is; you tell me what sprtof image you would like of your character and what you can offer in exchange for it ^^
Examples of my art are;
Base Prices For those that don't like offering XD
Fullbody Lineart: $3
+ Flat Colour: + $3
+ Shading: + $2
+ Background: + $5
Paper Craft: $10 - $20
(Depends on Complexity; can be posted out as well at request will incur $2 P&P charge extra)
BUT! as I said =D It's pay what you want; 
So ask away! 
OR You can donate here any amount you want and I'll draw you something if you then link your charac
Griffia: Painting CommissionsI'm having a lot of fun doing these so I figured I'd set up a separate journal for this. :3 
(more coming soon, I promise)

Ordered pieces will be of similar size, with little to no background detail (single color, gradient, etc). 
I am willing to do art of:
Main four (Kryptox, Bagbean, Fornlee, Perfaunt)
Semi-main allies (Angelic Gem Hoppers, Casters, Bavom)
Companions (at a potentially discounted price--ask)
The price for each of these will be $35 to start (we'll see how long they take me in the long run and go from there)
(more slots may be added beyond this for the right bribe)
[ OPEN ] Griffin ArtComsHeylo Lovelies!
Just some fancy commissions for Griffians <3
Here's my working ToS that you agree to upon purchase. It details your rights as a consumer, my work pace, etc. If you have any questions let me know.
Terms of Service ( Last Updated 02/07/2017 | Added to Journal 03/24/17 )
Application in ToS not applicable to a purchase here.
( price may increase $2-8 if the design is complex or if there's multiple accessories )
50x50 Icons: $6.00 or 600 :points:
100 x 100 Icons: $10.00 or 1000 :points:
Thumbnail Pixels ( up to 200x200 pixels ): $25.00 or 2000 :points:
Big Pixel Art- with BG: (150x300) $100.00

Icon Commissions-4 more slots openWhat to Expect
Icons should be done in 1-2 days

Pay what you want, starting at $5 per icon. Paypal only.
Keep in mind, it is first come first serve. 
Invoices will be sent from my mother's paypal, StyxLady
Commissions - Griffia Specific - OPEN!:iconAnubianEmpire: :iconBagbeans: :iconfluffletales:
- Payments will be USD only, via paypal invoice
- You will be invoiced for minimum half upon receipt and the rest upon completion
- I always include the tip option in my invoices, but please do not feel pressured to tip! 
I truly appreciate all tips, but they are by no means necessary <3
Rendered Portrait Specific:
As the artist, I reserve the right to create prints of artwork I create (I'm in the middle of setting up my printing/cutting/framing services). All owner and species credits are always included in the watermark on the final piece as well as any prints.
BUT!!! if you are uncomfortable with me selling a print of artwork that includes your character, simply let me know at the time of purchase and I will note it down in my logbook that your painting will never be printed unless you specifically order a print of it!

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these TOS.
You may request for your com
Commissions for Moneybeans!For Griffia and related! Now you can have your griffians, caprians and Fluffians drawn by me! I will take money beans so be sure to buy if you have them!
Your griffians will be drawn here!
Bust Commissions
1 for sketch bust
3 for Lineart bust
5 for colored bust
Each additional character is 1

Half Body Commissions
5 for sketch half body
8 for Lineart half body
12 for Colored Half Body
Each additional Character is 3

Fullbody Commissions
10 for sketch 
12 for lineart fullbody
20 for colored fullbody
Each additional Character is 5

Chibi Commissions
All are colored!
5 for each character
Pea Farming
1 for every 10 sketches
5 for simple background and effects
20-50 for complex background (depending on how complex)
If you are interested, comment and I will get to work! 
except when im unavailable to a scanner.
Griffian Commissions: Fullbody, HeadshotsThis includes all Caprian/Fluffia/Griffian creatures!!

10-15$ depending on complexity!
10-15$, 1000-1500p, 10-15PMB,10-15MB
Any Griffia or Affiliate creatures!
Traditional or Digital!
Detailed background: add another 1-5$ depending on complexity!
I can also do transparent backgrounds!!

5-8$ depending on complexity!
5-8$, 500-800p, 5-8PMB, 5-8MB
Traditional or Digital!
Any Griffia or Affiliate creatures!

Payment choice::
Anything else?::

1. Open 
2. Open
3. Open
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
(open) Vector Griffian CommissionsI am really enjoying this new bean style I'm doing and want to open up commissions for them. And now open to any griffian creature.

You can choose simple animation or no animation
I will take up to three at this moment.

$15/15 mbs for a custom main
$10/10 mbs for a custom semi main or other allies
$5/5 mbs for a custom tamable creature

Allies Guide
Any creatures that are a part of:
:iconbagbeans: - Griffians
:iconfluffletales: - Griffians and Fluffians
:iconanubianempire: - Griffians and Caprians

Creatures I'll draw:
Bullet; Pink Bagbean Bullet; Pink Kryptox Bullet; Pink Fornlee Bullet; Pink P
EMERGENCY 200x200 Pixel Commissions--GriffiaMaking a journal for Griffia-related characters exclusively!
Terms of Service
I will be taking three slots, and they will be $25 each! Slots will be shared with the other journal.
I can do any Beanian/Caprian/Fluffian creature--not just those shown below.


Only the first is finished, but all WIPs are accurate examples of the style you will get.

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
These will be worked on in between my current pixels and owed art. 
Those to whom I currently owe art, I believe I have talked to you all, and it will all be getting done in the next few weeks.

Mana Bubble by Sindonic Requests
Reply with your active request to this comment

Looking for modelsI'm looking for any kind of Griffia/Capria/Fluffia world creatures to model. I am a 3D modeling student (on summer break) and recently found this species. They fascinate me greatly and so I'm going to ask... would anyone be interested in having their little baby modeled into a 3D creation? Which I will post here on DA and give you WIPs (if asked).
Looking for:
Arrow left Fronlees
Arrow left Anubias
Arrow left Perfaunts
Arrow left Guardians
Arrow left Kryptox
Arrow left Gem Hoppers
Arrow left Bavom
Arrow left Possible Companion species
Completed Species:
tick Bagbeans
Free Griffa Paper CraftsHi 
So as some of you lovely people may have seen ive been doing little paper crafts; now before i offer these as commissions i need to get a few examples; SO 
I am looking for 8 Griffa creature owners who want to get a lil papercraft; 
Please note I may have to simplify over complex designs cause these are about the size of a small playing card; 
Now if you live in the UK i cn post them out for free to you; other countries i may just have to ask you to pay postage though it shouldnt be more than £2
I will accept ANY griffian main ally co list goes on xD the key here is diversity;
(And if you miss this; as i said i will be opening for commissions just ask and I'll give details x3 ) 
Fill out this please: 
Master list: 
(For bg put yes or no and what sort; forest city river etc)

Mana Bubble by Sindonic Questions
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